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Jinan Zhonglian, located in Zhangqiu, Jinan City, Shandong Province, the Sinotruk Station. Mainly engaged in all kinds spare parts of Sinotruk, the cab parts, chassis parts, engine parts, gear box parts etc.

We have cooperated with the spare parts suppliers of the Sinotruk. Best services derived from the best quality, implement the strict manufacture standard to provide the best heavy truck spare parts.

Polisher & Sanders Other Corded Tools

By the way, we also export heavy trucks, such as the tractor truck, dump truck, concrete mixer truck, fuel tank truck etc. Now our company is actively developing foreign terminal customer groups, our customers mainly come from Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East. Waiting have a cooperation with you!

Our Mission
  • Provide Exactly Market Positioning Strategy
    The standard of products is equal to the satisfaction of our customers
  • Quality Supervision Before and After Production
    Quality casts Zhanglian Brand and make Zhonglian famous all over the world
  • Devote to Promote Customer’s Product Design and Brand
    Doing ordinary work persistently is extraordinary
  •  Maximize Customers Profits
    Determination and dedication lead to success
  • Grinders
    Our company located in Zhangqiu, Jinan city, near the Sinotruk original factory.
  • Saws (Cutters)
    Our company cooperated with the original spare parts suppliers.
  • Hammers
    Good quality, you can choose different grade for one kind part.
  • Drills and Drivers
    Best price, compared with the market price. We can provide the best price.
  • Cordless Tools
    Our company has the promotion for special spare parts every month.
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Add. : Zhangqiu, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.

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