The advent of electric trucks

Aug. 23, 2019

The advent of electric trucks shared by Truck Parts Supplier China.

It is reported that the us will initially build electric trucks by 2020. For now, established truckmakers and start-ups are starting to move in that direction.

● the nikola full-drive hybrid tractor has a range of 1,930km

Nikola Motor Co. recently announced that it is developing a full-drive hybrid tractor called the Nikola One. It has a capacity of 29.48 tons, a gas range of 1,930 kilometers and a price tag of about $375,000. With car owners concerned about the cost of buying the car more than anything else, nicola motors has launched a full nicola rental program. Under nicola's rental plan, you pay $5,000 a month for unlimited mileage, fuel, maintenance and repair services.

● 40t giant BMW electric truck goes into service in Germany

BMW's new 40-ton electric truck has completed road tests and is on the road in Munich, Germany. The truck is now shuttling through BMW's Munich plant eight times a day to deliver parts such as shock absorbers, springs and steering components, the report said.

The electric truck has a cruising range of 62 miles, which is enough for a full day's work. Despite its size, the car only takes three to four hours to recharge. BMW claims to be the first car company to have such a heavy lift after the electric truck was launched.

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● sales of mercedes-benz electric trucks for urban transportation in 2020

Daimler, the parent company of mercedes-benz, recently issued a statement saying that Urban eTruck, its first electric truck, which can drive about 200 kilometers per charge, will be sold in early 2020 for local transportation tasks, such as supermarket delivery.

"So far, no automaker has made money from electric trucks," said Wolfgang Bernhard, head of Daimler's trucks division. "but the late adopters of the new technology will lose market share, and that's why there are electric trucks now."

● both trucks and buses will be launched by electric tesla trucks in 2017

According to foreign media reports, the new master plan shows that tesla is about to enter the field of commercial vehicles, and will launch a heavy-duty electric truck and a large electric bus in 2017. Elon? "The introduction of electric trucks and electric buses is a necessity for tesla," musk said. Tesla's electric truck, to be named Tesla Semi, will significantly reduce the cost of transporting goods while improving safety and fun to drive.

In addition, tesla plans to continue to develop the hardware and software needed for fully autonomous driving. Musk said the time it takes to perfect the software far outstrips the time it takes to implement the cameras, radars, sonar and other hardware, and that even with a highly developed software, it's still a long way from being allowed on the road. With the continuous development of pure electric wave, it is very important to make early stage strategic layout to seize more market segments in the future.

Electric truck battery requirements are very large, not any car manufacturers dare to do, but China's implementation of electric trucks is imperative!

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