Explore Mercedes Benz production line

Aug. 12, 2019

Explore Mercedes Benz production line

How does a giant mechanical monster begin to assemble from bits and pieces and eventually become the elegant brother prime? Most people don't see it. According to unofficial statistics, a car is probably composed of more than 20,000 parts, and the car friends of the car weight card is probably composed of more than 60,000 parts. Today the truck chassis part manufacturer will take us a look at the mystery of Mercedes' top manufacturing facility.

Looking at the manufacturing plant of Mercedes Benz, the picture gives us a feeling of walking into cybertron and returning to the hometown of transformers. Large and small vehicles like in the implementation of mechanical command, in the factory busy orderly in and out. The huge mercedes-benz logo and the metal-looking factory building all demonstrate the charm of industrial manufacturing. Stuttgart is located in the southwestern state of baden-wurttemberg, bordering Frankfurt to the north and Munich to the south. Stuttgart is called the motor city, where Daimler Benz, porsche, Bosch and other famous companies are located. The Mercedes Actros heavy trucks we know are manufactured and assembled in Stuttgart. When a Mercedes Actros walks off the assembly line and straight into the cleaning shop, a 360-degree high-pressure jet cleans every detail of the body. The driver sits in the car and observes whether the tightness of the vehicle assembly is up to standard until every other detail is fully up to standard before the next test.

truck chassis part manufacturer

Truck Chassis Part Manufacturer

Inside the factory, welding, transportation and assembly are completed by machines precisely, instead of human labor. What a real technician does is stand in front of the controller and fold the screen in half to transmit work instructions to the machine. In video, we can see that the assembly of the frame, the hoisting of the engine, the bridge and other processes are completed by machines. What the workers do is to arrange the inside of the cab and the wiring.

It is precisely because of such rigorous engineering procedures that Benz has achieved its brilliant achievements today and so many people are struggling for it.

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