Six aspects for the car physical examination

Jul. 04, 2019

Six aspects for the car physical examination, shared by Sinotruk truck cab manufacturer.

Don't overlook the glass guide

There is a lot of rain in summer, so a lot of rain water with a lot of dust and acid and alkali substances flows into the guide trough along the glass. At this time, the glass elevator will be weak and the glass will rise and fall slowly. Experts warned that the reason for this phenomenon is a lot of dust in the glass guide groove inside the rubber strip, the glass guide groove should be clean. The owner can spray some water in the guide trough of the spray kettle, but the effect will not be very ideal, because the use of water is not thorough cleaning, at the same time cannot have the role of lubrication, so it is recommended to use a professional cleaner.

Batteries are prone to problems

Battery electrode wiring is prone to problems in alternate seasons of summer and autumn, so pay attention to maintenance. Experts remind, inspection, if found in the electrode wiring green oxide, remember to take boiling water, if the green oxide is not removed, it will cause insufficient power generation of the generator, make the battery in the state of power loss, serious will make the battery scrapped ahead of time, or can not hit the car. After rinse with boiling water, use compressed air to blow dry the water, and then spray on the special protective agent, prevent oxidation layer again.

The ignition system should be carefully checked

Ignition system is related to the vehicle can start, in the fall, owners of friends should carefully check these parts, especially some plug parts, see whether rust, once rust, will use professional cleaning agent.

In the choice of cleaning agent and use, also want to choose the regular car beauty maintenance shop maintenance products, in order to achieve the best effect, spark plug maintenance is equally important, once the problem occurs, will cause the vehicle shake or can not hit the car.

Sinotruk truck cab manufacturer

Vehicle scratches should be handled in time

Summer transition to autumn, vehicle exterior and interior maintenance is worth attention. The surface of a car tends to be wet due to more dew in autumn morning. If there are obvious scratches on the surface of the car, it should be timely paint treatment, so as not to scratch parts affected by moisture and corrosion. Additional, as a result of the corrosion of acid of rain in summer rain and of summer strong light point-hit, car lacquer face is met unavoidably by oxidation, had better be able to do car surface when changing seasons from clean, polishing to waxing, sealing the hairdressing that glaze or coating film is maintained.

Interiors, due to the high temperature and rainy summer, car carpet, glue and other blind cause a lot of bacteria, as the autumn comes, the window is no longer always open, the air in the carriage will become turbid, easy to cause harm to human body health, therefore, in the change garments according to the season, it is necessary to do a thorough for car interior trim of sterilization and cleaning. When maintaining, best with professional cleaning agent with high temperature interior decoration sauna machine, so that not only can remove the dirt, odor inside the car, but also can effectively kill bacteria, clean up, reoccupy protective agent for interior care.

Don't ignore the door lock

Don't look at the car door lock core is insignificant, out of the problem can be a big trouble. With the improvement of vehicle electronic level, most of the original car keys are equipped with remote control, usually rarely use the key to open, lock the door.

But do you have to think about it, once the remote control is out of power, you can only use the key to open, lock the door, but at this time because the lock core has not been used for a long time, plus rain or often wash the car, has rust, what do you do? In fact, this is a maintenance station to often go to the rescue of the project, there are many owners often delay time, delay handling.

The air conditioner should be cleaned in time

Summer air conditioning in high load operation, and more rain in summer, the car often go some wading road, the air conditioning condenser has a lot of sand, time, it will make the condenser rust, thereby shortening the service life of air conditioning. Accordingly, after entering autumn, should do thorough maintenance for air conditioning.

In addition, pay attention to warm air pipeline and fan maintenance. Autumn weather turns cool, low temperature will appear hoarfrost, in this season, should pay special attention to the wind under the windshield defrosting outlet is normal, whether the heat is enough, if there is a problem, to timely solve, otherwise it will bring unsafe factors for driving.

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