Teach You How To Clean The Engine Compartment And Get The Sludge Easily (On)

Jan. 04, 2020

The hygienic environment of the engine compartment has always been a headache, and there are dust and rotten leaves everywhere. This is because ventilation and cooling are required and cannot be completely closed. The engine gearbox assembly manufacturer teaches you how to clean the engine compartment and get the sludge easily.

In most cases, the owner of the car is cleaning the engine compartment at the same time as the maintenance, but he must pay a certain amount of time. In fact, this job can be cleaned by yourself. Jinan Zhonglian Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. recommends a DIY cleaning method.

First prepare the cleaning tools

1. Engine exterior cleaning agent (such as engine compartment cleaning agent or others, there are foam and mist) and engine harness care agent (engine glazing agent, etc.). These two things are not expensive.

2. A small brush, the width of the brush head should not be too large, the gap in the engine compartment is large and narrow, it is more convenient to use a narrow head.

3. A mask and a pair of gloves. Engine exterior cleaning agents are harmful to the human body, and they smell very pungent, so it is best to prepare these two things.

Finding a parking place

Although it is not flushed with a water gun, sewage will still flow to the ground after cleaning, which is bad for the environment. Truck engine part manufacturer recommend that the car be parked in a place where there is a drainage outlet, such as manholes on the side of roads and roads, and next to sewers before cleaning the engine.

Three removal of engine decorative cover

For the beauty of the engine compartment, many models now have plastic decorative covers. Many car owners wiped the decorative cover very clean, thinking that this is to take care of the engine, in fact, it is just a piece of plastic, and the sludge covered there is still intact. So if you want to clean it thoroughly, you first need to remove this plastic cover.

The plastic decorative cover is fixed with a clip, which can be removed by directly grasping the edge of the cover and pulling up. However, the cover of some models will be connected to other pipes. For example, the old POLO is designed with an air filter element inside a plastic decorative cover. All pipes must be removed before unplugging.

Truck Engine Assembly

Truck Engine Assembly

After removing the plastic cover, you can see the truck engine assembly and find that it is much dirty than the plastic cover. For vehicles that have been driving for several years, there will be some sludge on the cylinder head cover or near the oil filler port, which looks like a gray matte paint. It is too strenuous to flush these things with water.

Four cleaning sludge

Engine exterior cleaner comes on the field. First use a cloth or a brush to simply dust the engine compartment, and then you can use the engine exterior cleaner. Volvo truck maintenance reminder, if it is just stopped, do not rush to spray cleaning agent, wait about 5 minutes, the engine cools down a little bit before cleaning, otherwise it will "stimulate" the engine.

First shake the bottle of engine cleaning agent, spray it on the components in the engine compartment after it is even. The spraying distance is about 15 cm. It is more suitable to spray as evenly as possible, and the place with a lot of sludge should be handled. It should be noted that some parts in the engine compartment are protected from water or cleaning agents, such as fuse boxes, ignition coils, generators and E-CU trip computers, etc. It is best to do waterproof treatment (cover with plastic cloth) . These parts can be cleaned separately, it is recommended to spray the cleaning agent on a cloth and then wipe them, which is also effective.

Except for the parts that cannot be touched with water (cleaning agent), the cleaning methods of other parts are the same. The principle of cleaning is to try to wash the parts that can be reached by hand.

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