Teach You How To Clean The Engine Compartment And Get The Sludge Easily (Down)

Jan. 09, 2020

The hygienic environment of the engine compartment has always been a headache, and there are dust and rotten leaves everywhere. This is because ventilation and cooling are required and cannot be completely closed. The engine gearbox assembly manufacturer teaches you how to clean the engine compartment and get the sludge easily.

Five small brushes to clean up

After spraying the cleaning agent, wait about 5 minutes for the cleaning agent to continue to "eat" the sludge until they are completely resolved. Then brush with a small brush, you can clearly see the effect of sludge.

There are a lot of gaps in truck engine parts, so you need to brush them patiently, because afterwards, you will spray a curing agent (equivalent to a layer of wax oil). If you ca n’t clean it, the dirt is sealed inside.

The engine's intake manifold is either metal or plastic, and it is easy to stick with sludge, the color is very ugly, and it is not easy to wash off. It needs to be "washed" with a brush. In addition, there are pipelines for electricity and oil in the engine compartment. These also need to be cleaned to prevent sludge and other dirt from corroding them and causing leakage. These textured lines are also a tricky job and need to be cleaned slowly.

Teach You How To Clean The Engine Compartment And Get The Sludge Easily (Down)

Truck Engine Parts

Finally, do n’t forget to spray the plastic decorative cover you just removed with cleaning agent.

Six clean with water

After dissolving the sludge, the cleaning agent will still adhere to various parts in the engine compartment, so before they are air-dried, they should be rinsed with water. The washing with water here is not a desperate attempt to flush. It is two concepts with high-pressure water gun flushing, just to flush away the sludge that has been melted, because the suede or cloth can not be wiped clean, and the sludge that will be melted will continue Paste on each part.

If you are inexperienced or do not know much about the engine structure, Volvo Truck Repair recommends using small equipment, such as a water bottle or a small watering can for watering flowers, to ensure more accurate movements and avoid splashing and innocent. The "side effects" of cleaning with them are much smaller than with a high-pressure water gun.

However, before washing with water, you need to take precautions to start the engine to maintain the idle speed for two reasons: one is to prevent the key coil and other parts from splashing into the water, which makes it difficult to start for a short time; , The temperature of the body will rise, which can accelerate water evaporation to dryness.

Seven Harness Care

After washing with water, be sure to blow dry the truck engine gasket set. Air blow drying is the best method. If not, just dry it with suede or a good absorbent cloth (preferably do not use a towel, it will shed hair), and then let it dry completely.

If you are particular about it, it is recommended to spray a layer of wire harness care agent (also called "engine room polish") on the engine compartment, the principle is the same. This kind of supplies can be purchased in the auto parts city, the price is between 20 yuan to 50 yuan.

The method of use is very simple. After the cleaned engine is completely dry, spray the wire harness care agent evenly on all parts in the engine compartment. It can prevent the accumulation of sludge, slow down the aging of the wire harness, and reduce aging. Chance of vehicle spontaneous combustion. Remind not to use table wax instead, because the table wax is sticky, it will stick a lot of dust after spraying, and it will look more dirty.


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