How to extend the life of accessories?

Jul. 24, 2019

How to extend the life of accessories?

Somebody thinks car protection is to change oil dump truck, this is very one-sided, also wrong. The protection of the car is the broad concept, including engine oil and filter replacement of the system, cleaning (engine oil, gear oil, brake fluid, since the change of oil, fuel oil, antifreeze, glass of water, battery acid, filter, air filter, air filter, air filter, etc.), car replacement parts, such as belt protection, spark plugs, batteries, tires, brake pads, ball head, clutch disc, shock absorber, etc., car beauty, car wash, external paint protection, interior decoration, etc.).

Normal car protection can maintain the use of the vehicle function, extend its service life. This edition is the first to launch the truck wearing parts protection, that is, how to view, replace the protection, at the same time, found in the protection of wearing parts presents what scene and these scenes that the car what is wrong.

Spark plug common problems are the following two conditions: severe spark plug ablation, spark plug top scar, damage or electrode melting, ablation are marked spark plug has been destroyed, should be replaced. Spark plug sediment, spark plug insulator between the top and the electrode will sometimes adhere to sediment, severe will form the engine can not work, such as cleaning spark plug can be temporarily made up, but must identify the source of the problem.

Remove the high pressure parting line from the spark plug in sequence and mark the initial position to avoid misplacement of installation. Remove dust and debris from the spark plug hole before disassembling to avoid debris falling into the cylinder. When disconnecting, use the spark plug sleeve to fasten the spark plug, turn the sleeve to remove it, and arrange it in sequence.

truck secondary box

Spark plug replacement: spark plug is easy to consume, usually travel 20,000-30,000km should be replaced. The symbol of spark plug replacement is not to jump fire, or the electrode discharge part is ablated into a circle. Other, such as in the use of spark plug often found carbon, broken fire, usually because the spark plug is too cold, need to use hot spark plug; If there is a burning scene or cylinder announced impact sound, you need to choose a cold spark plug.

In the engine work, incineration line is often rare pulse current of ten thousand volts of high voltage, because it works for a long time in high temperature, dust, vibration environment, inevitably to attack aging and damage. Thus, like spark plugs, it is often a cost that needs to be replaced. If the burning coil is not used properly, the burning coil will be damaged, so the following points should be paid attention to: avoid heating or damp; Do not open the incineration switch when the engine is not working; Often check, clean, tighten the line connector to avoid its short circuit or lap iron; Control engine function to avoid high voltage; Spark plug shall not be "suspended fire" for a long time; The moisture on the incineration coil can only be dried with a cloth, never use fire to bake, otherwise it will damage the incineration coil.

Today many repairmen are nicknamed "stevedores", meaning they only change parts, not fix them. Originally, as long as some parts are protected according to the rules, their life can be greatly extended, the generator is one of them. Generally speaking, when the vehicle travels 60-80 thousand kilometers, should repair the generator, other, water pump, steering pump, air conditioning compressor bearings should also be regularly checked.

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