Choose good accessories to ensure your travel

Aug. 06, 2019

Choose good accessories to ensure your travel

● trailer arm/tow hook

Engine gearbox assembly manufacturer shares that in some European and American countries, it is very common to go camping with a trailer on weekends, so the trailer arm and the trailer hook become the necessary equipment for almost every car. However, in China, such a lifestyle is far from popular, except for a few off-road enthusiasts, some SUV rear trailer arm, tractor hook is more for the appearance of more handsome, the use of opportunity is certainly not high. However this spending to trailer equipped once suffered a collision, the car after the damage is quite serious, the original fine crash may become lost, so we also recommend that, if must be installed, try to buy those in need not when can be folded to one side, or you can manually removed the trailer products, when need to install, the maximum extent, reduce the accident to the other vehicles damaged.

● license plate rack LED lights

The "rogue lights" mentioned at the beginning are actually a row of LED light sets installed on the rear license plate rack, also known as "counterattack lights". Originally, this product appeared as a decorative lamp, but with continuous "evolution", this product has become the choice of two kinds of people.

The first type is those who want to cheat on the license plate. Although the management and punishment of license plate are very strict nowadays, there are still some people taking risks to purchase and install such products. It is said that the installation of this lamp group, can suppress the violation of regulations to capture the shooting of the probe, visit some businesses also said that there is really this effect, and quite a lot of consumers are also directed at this function to buy, but so far these effects are on the lips, whether it is really useful, businesses said they did not guarantee.

The 2nd kind is to retaliate those who open the person of high beam lamp namely, such lamp group is installed in vehicle tail, brightness is tall, can point-blank hind car at the same time, to hind car drives the circumstance of far light to be able to strike powerfully, because this is quite a part of person is to drive a car to be left when unfair treatment of hind car.

It seems that the demand is reasonable, but they do not realize that this product is far more harmful than the taste of the benefits. First of all, the installation of such lights obviously affects the observation of the license plate, so the traffic police according to the cover plate to deal with a little too much. Next, lamplight is point-point-hit hind car, certainly can cause serious effect to rear car line of sight, because this cannot discover in time when braking hind car, increased the chance that be rear-ended greatly. In addition, the installation of this kind of lighting needs to change the original car circuit, increase the load of the circuit, from the point of view of safety is not desirable, so this kind of harmful decoration is best kept at a respectful distance.

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● mirror reflective car film

Bought a new car first stick film, believe that many owners are such a process. But how to buy film, many people do not know. The significance of auto film actually lies in the safety and comfort requirements of heat insulation, ultraviolet radiation and other aspects. The car film with some colors can properly protect the privacy of the car. But now many car owners do not know the function of car film, purely for privacy, blindly pursue dark car film, and even some car owners choose the kind of high-brightness mirror car model, that as long as the car can not see from the outside of the car on the line, in fact, this car film is very dangerous hidden danger.

First of all, the car film too dark color will affect the driver's line of sight, especially in the night when reversing or turning, because the outside situation is not clear, very easy to appear dangerous. In addition, because the outside line of sight of the car can not see into the car, so in the front of the emergency braking, the car after the car can not look through the car ahead of the car, it is easy to be rear-ended. Therefore, it is recommended that all car owners choose the glass membrane rationally according to their personal needs. At the same time, they should cut off a piece of the triangular window of the front door to ensure that the line of sight of the external rearview mirror is good enough.

● xenon lamp without lens

Nowadays, it is very common for car owners to upgrade and modify the lighting, the most common is the halogen lamp to xenon lamp. Although lighting modification is against the law, xenon lamps are still the first choice of many owners of modified lights due to their high brightness. Let alone the problem of xenon lamp refitting violation, many car owners are greedy for cheap, upgrade the lights without adding lenses, although it can save a lot of money, but there are more safety risks.

We have mentioned in the comparison between xenon lamp and halogen lamp that lens plays a very important role in xenon lamp. Xenon lamp without lens light is very scattered, in the direction of the vehicle, the state of turning on the near-light light is like turning on the far light, and the brightness is very high, very affect the safety of driving. Here we suggest that if you need to upgrade the lighting, you should install xenon lamp together with lens, otherwise we suggest to use high-brightness halogen bulb instead.

● tapered anti-friction strip

Nowadays a lot of places parking space is nervous, a few car owner like to give love car all round affix a few prevent rub, once appear slight cut rub won't hurt reach car paint, in fact such equipment does not have big obstacle, however the occurrence of a few conical prevent rub on the net however some harm person to oneself.

The tapered strips are usually attached to the front and rear of vehicles and have a sharp shape. When moving a car in some crowded parking Spaces, once it has a slight bump against the front and rear cars, it will hurt the body of others while protecting its own vehicle. Such products must not be chosen. If there is a need, you can choose a gentle appearance of the anti-friction strip, protect yourself while not hurting others.

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