[Truck knowledge] Analysis of High Engine Water Temperature

Nov. 01, 2019

Causes and solutions of high water temperature in truck engine

1. The water pump: open the cover of the water tank, starts the engine, and makes the engine run alternately at high speed and low speed. At the same time, check whether the water in the tank has obvious rolling phenomenon. If so, the water pump can be considered normal.

2. Thermostat: Remove the thermostat and check the opening temperature of the thermostat. Suspend the thermostat and thermometer in the water container. Then heat the container. Check the starting temperature of the thermostat. Finally, stop the heating until the water temperature drops below 82℃ and check whether the thermostat is in the closed position. Otherwise, the thermostat needs to be repaired or replaced.

3. Water tank (including radiator)

Check whether there is scale on the surface of the water tank, and whether the cooling air duct and water flow channel inside the water tank are unobstructed. When necessary, please ask a professional to disassemble and clean.

4. Fan: Check if the fan blades are damaged, severely deformed or reversed, and there is no chattering. If there is, then it will be excluded immediately.

5. Fan belt: press the fan belt by hand to check whether the tightness is normal.If the belt is loose, it is necessary to further check whether the fan belt slip phenomenon.

6. Guide wind and heat dissipation system:

The engine is mostly cooled by suction.Air on both sides of the water tank cannot produce convection phenomenon, in addition to the radiator of the air duct, other parts should be cut off. What allow not to ignore is, after a lot of machines use period of time, cut off material ageing to fall off serious, make cistern all round had ventilated path, reduced the air flow that passes cistern and cause high temperature. In the actual maintenance, this situation is more.

7. Too much dirt in engine volume: check the engine casing and watercourse for too much dirt, and if so, clean it.

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