How to identify fake truck accessories?

Oct. 23, 2019

According to data, 70% of vehicle faults are caused by the quality of truck parts and assembly technology. The use of counterfeit and shoddy parts accounts for more than half of the total, causing economic losses of more than one billion yuan each year.

Ways to identify genuine and fake accessories:

First, look at the price. Be careful when you meet accessories that are too cheap. The price of a fake is usually several times cheaper than the real one. If the price of the product is too different from the general price, it is a fake.

Second, look at the packaging. In general, the authentic outer packaging box has clear writing and accurate overprinting. The specification model, registered trademark, factory name, factory address and telephone number will be clearly marked, with certificate and inspector seal; The packaging and printing of the goods is very rough, the specifications are not uniform, and the flaws can always be found.

Third, look at the material. If there are rust spots on the new parts, the rubber parts will crack and aging, and there will be de-soldering and degumming at the joints. Most of these parts have problems.

Fourth, look protection. truck parts are coated with protective layer at the factory, such as piston pin, bearing bush with paraffin protection, piston ring, cylinder cover surface coated with anti-rust oil, and wrapped in wrapping paper and then wrapped in plastic bags. If the seal is damaged, the wrapper is lost, the rust preventive oil or paraffin is lost, even if it is not a counterfeit product, the product is damaged.

The simpler the accessories, the more likely it is to have fakes. For example: tie rod ball head, hanging ball head, water mercury assembly, connecting rod, rear view mirror, high voltage line, piston, belt, filter, filter paper, bumper, instrument panel, cigarette lighter, engine piston ring. I hope the truckers are careful!

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