What are the necessary truck maintenance tools?

Sep. 05, 2019

What are the necessary truck maintenance tools?

Truck drivers, who drive trucks all year long, have some kind of emergency maintenance, and it costs a lot of money to call for help if there is a glitch outside. Today, truck lamp assy supplier will recommend several necessary maintenance tools to solve temporary glitches.

1. Common truck maintenance tools

Combination wrench: this wrench combination has the advantages of easy carrying and wide use.

Adjustable wrench: is a very convenient multi-purpose wrench, the car had better have a large, a small, with the use of different circumstances!

Headlamp: truck lamp assy supplier shares that headlamp does not need to be illuminated by hand, it can be put on the head directly and can be used to do other things.

In addition to the above tools also need to have a thousand gold roof and remove the tire screw sleeve.

truck Head Lamp


2. Fragile gadgets

Fan belt: the fan belt is easy to be damaged. If the fan belt is broken, heat dissipation is not good, in order to avoid inconvenience on the way, card friends with a fan belt is necessary.

Quick connection: I believe many drivers have encountered the problem of windpipe abrasion halfway, although the problem is not big, but the hidden danger is fatal. Along with the car with a few trachea quick joint, the road appeared in the condition of tube wear out, cut the pipe rotten place and then joint a poke, the problem can be solved, such as the place to go to the service station to change it into iron, more solid and connected firmly.

Various clips: according to their own needs, you can buy a few clips to be on the car in case of emergency (water pipe clips, heating pipe clips, oil pipe clips)

Diesel filter: this is also essential spare parts, especially in winter.

O - ring: O - ring: once the failure of the gear O - ring, your car will be unable to move, so I suggest the driver friends car with a set.

The above tools for truck repair are recommended by old drivers based on years of experience, and can definitely solve many small problems in your driving.

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