Truck parts manufacturer shares the problem of burning urea in trucks

Sep. 16, 2019

It's all about the truck burning urea shared by cab door assy supplier.

Those of you who live in the countryside know that urea is often used as fertilizer in the fields due to its high nitrogen content, but many people don't know that trucks need urea as well. Urea is not the same as fertilizer applied in the field, but is a necessity for vehicles. Urea, like other fuels such as diesel and natural gas, cannot be burned but is consumed in real time. And urea is not cheap. So the question that card friends are very concerned about is to add urea useful? The answer is yes. The first thing to know is:

Necessity of car urea:

Because the exhaust from diesel engine will cause harm to the atmospheric environment and human health, so the environmental protection department put forward a policy to reduce the emission of pollutants from diesel engine, which is commonly known as the national five and six emission standards. For diesel engine exhaust aftertreatment, we have SCR(selective catalytic reduction technology) aftertreatment technology. That is, under the action of catalyst, ammonia gas as a reducing agent, sprayed into the car urea, nitrogen oxide in the tail gas reduction into nitrogen and water. This can not only meet the purpose of reducing emissions, but also achieve the role of energy saving.

Understand the necessity of urea, and then to solve the card in the process of using urea encountered problems.

1. Combustion rate of vehicle urea

For example, the combustion rate of vehicle urea is 3%-5% for every 100 kilometers.

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2. "Why doesn't my car run on urea?"


The normal concentration of urea is 32.5%. If water is added to urea, the concentration will be diluted for a long time, which will cause problems in the operation of SCR system or even damage to parts.

Inferior urea:

Because the purity of inferior and unqualified urea is not enough, the quality is stored in the impurity urine such as the substance, heavy metal ion and mineral, which will cause damage to the urea pump, urea nozzle and other post-treatment parts. Buy urea to must choose normal brand manufacturer to produce so.

SCR fault:

In a word, the failure of the post-treatment system leads to the failure of burning urea. In this case, we should go to the regular service station for troubleshooting.

Frozen urea tube:

The ultimate freezing point of car urea is 11°C, so the cold temperature in the north may lead to the freezing of urea. The staff of the light truck service station said: when the vehicle stops filling urea, close the thought lock, turn on the power and wait for 1-3 minutes for the urea pump to pump urea back into the urea tank, so that it is not easy to freeze urea.

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