What is the situation when the indicator light suddenly lights up?

Jun. 04, 2019

Sinotruk truck cab manufacturer shares that many car owners have experienced this problem: while driving, the dashboard indicator lights suddenly come on. And how?

1. Engine failure lamp (relatively important)

Once the engine failure light is on, it means that the engine parameters have changed. If this problem is not solved, the engine combustion state will never be adjusted to the normal state. (this is serious.)

Solution: first check the water temperature gauge, oil pressure alarm lamp. If the water temperature and oil pressure alarm lights do not alarm, the car can still start, but at this time be careful to control the speed, and drive to the repair station in time to check.

2. Water temperature indicator

If the light suddenly turns on during the driving of the vehicle, it proves that the temperature of the vehicle's water tank is too high, which is mostly caused by the failure of the electronic fan, and partly due to the lack of coolant. It is not allowed to continue driving at this time, but should stop for inspection.

Solution: after the temperature of the vehicle water tank returns to normal, check whether the water tank is short of coolant. If it is short, add some coolant or clean water. If there is no shortage of coolant in the water tank, it is largely caused by the failure of the electronic fan. If so, it is necessary to go to the repair shop for repair as soon as possible.

Sinotruk truck cab manufacturer

3. Oil light

When the vehicle is driving, if the light suddenly comes on, it does not mean that the engine of the vehicle is broken, but more because of the lack of oil, and the engine oil pressure is too low.

Solution: if the engine oil light goes off at the same time, the problem is that the engine oil pressure is too low to affect the driving, enough to drive to the repair shop, usually just need to change the oil or oil sensor plug.

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