Is The Fault Of The Truck Engine Due To Irregular Maintenance?

Jan. 19, 2020

The regular maintenance of truck engine parts is very important. Many maintenance technicians said that among the trucks they repaired, vehicle failure caused by poor engine maintenance accounted for 50% of the total failure. It can be seen that engine maintenance can play a vital role in extending vehicle life.

Air filter plugged:

The engine's intake system consists of an air filter element and an intake duct. According to different use conditions, the air filter element should be cleaned regularly. The air filter element should be replaced with a new one after cleaning 3 times. The cleaning cycle can be determined by the air quality in the daily driving area. It is also important to buy genuine air filters from good quality manufacturers.

Truck Engine Repair Kit

Truck Engine Repair Kit

Intake duct is too dirty:

Sinotruk reducer supplier believes that if the vehicle is often driving in areas with more dust and poor air quality, it should pay attention to cleaning the intake duct to ensure the smooth flow of intake air. If the intake duct is too dirty, it will lead to a decrease in efficiency, which will prevent the engine from operating within the normal output power range, which will aggravate engine wear and aging. At the same time, the air conditioning grid must also be replaced.

Poor cooling system condition:

The most common faults caused by the poor cooling system of the car engine: piston pull cylinder, knocking, internal leakage of the cylinder punch, serious noise, accelerated power decline and other poor cooling system conditions will directly cause the engine to not work at normal temperature , Followed by the above serious failure phenomenon. The traditional maintenance method of the cooling system is to regularly clean the rust and corrosion in the water tank and the cooling system with a powerful and efficient cleaning agent of the water tank, and then add appropriate antifreeze and purified water. This will ensure the normal operation of the engine and extend the overall life of the water tank and the engine.

Crankcase too much sludge:

During the operation of the engine, high-pressure unburned gases, acids, moisture, sulfur, and nitrogen oxides in the combustion chamber entered the crankcase through the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder wall, causing it to mix with the metal powder generated by the wear of the parts. Together, they form sludge. A small amount of sludge can be suspended in the oil, and when the amount is large, it will precipitate from the oil, clogging the filter and oil holes, making the engine difficult to lubricate, thereby increasing the wear of the engine. To reduce sludge production, it is necessary to use high-quality fuel, so it is recommended that the owner go to the authentic gas station when possible.

In addition, please check the oil level of your car frequently, and replenish it as soon as possible. Improper maintenance of the fuel system Maintenance of the fuel system includes replacing the gasoline filter element, cleaning the carburetor or fuel nozzle, and the fuel supply line. The fuel tank deposits should be removed regularly, the fuel deposits should be removed, and the air filters, fuel tanks, and pipelines should be properly maintained. When cleaning the engine fuel system, use engine-free cleaning agents, because There is no need to disassemble the fuel system, on the one hand, it can play a role in thoroughly cleaning the fuel system, and on the other hand, it is beneficial to protect the fuel system of the engine.

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