Reveal the U.S. used truck market

Jun. 12, 2019

Dealers + online auction sales channels rich and diverse shared by heavy duty truck parts supplier.

NO.1 authorized dealer

Authorized dealer means a subordinate dealer authorized by the manufacturer. American truck manufacturers mostly set up special second-hand car operation platforms, such as SelecTrucks, a subsidiary of Daimler group in North America, and Diamond renew, a subsidiary of navistar. They regularly carry out unified and systematic inspection, maintenance and renovation of this part of cars, and then sell them to consumers through brand dealers. By authorizing dealers to buy used trucks, customers can request annual inspections by the transportation authority to be included in the terms of the deal, while continuing to enjoy warranty service for the duration through legal proceedings. In addition, used truck operating platforms such as Daimler and navistar will provide other warranty measures, ranging from 6 months to 36 months, 50,000 to 300,000 miles. Compared with the other two operating platforms, authorized dealers directly connect with manufacturers. The second-hand cars purchased by consumers have been tested for all-round quality, so they are more guaranteed and enjoy relatively professional after-sales service. Although the transaction price is higher than the other two forms, it still wins the trust of many customers by virtue of its honesty and professionalism.

NO.2 auction site

In the United States, consumers can buy used trucks through an online auction. There are many websites that operate second-hand car businesses, which can be found through Google search. Each used truck is clearly marked with the model, parameters, auction starting price, auction period and other information, and with nearly 100 photos of the vehicle for customers' reference. Laudable is that all vehicles in the sale are tested through the website, with quality certification report and enjoy warranty service, which to some extent increases consumers' purchasing confidence. Among them, famous ones include Iron Planet operated by Truck Plane website, online websites of Truck Paper magazine and so on.

heavy duty truck parts supplier

NO.3 independent distributor

In addition to the authorized dealers connected with the manufacturer, there are a number of independent second-hand truck dealers in the United States. Although there is no manufacturer to support behind, but independent dealer operations is not worse than the former, especially some form chain businesses, it has a complete sales system, products cover the whole car, spare parts, our staff to provide vehicle inspection, repair, modification and beautification services, behind have their own logistics team, responsible for product subsequent transport. Like new cars, hundreds of second-hand trucks have been tested, repaired and parked neatly in designated areas, with no sense of chaos or decay. An independent dealer in America says it sells 400-600 used trucks a year. At the same time, he says, buying a used truck requires a much lower down payment and monthly payment than buying a new one, which is attractive. In terms of product quality, independent dealers also provide warranty services for vehicles and parts sold by themselves for a certain period, and customers can enjoy unified national protection policies.

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