Modular Hela tail lights blind your eyes

Jul. 08, 2019

Modular Hela tail lights blind your eyes

Hela company headquarters is located in the German state of north Westphalia lipstadt city, the current domestic brand influence is also quite large. Hela products are characterized by excellent quality and performance, and can be optimized according to the professional requirements of commercial vehicle applications, such as firmness, temperature resistance and vibration resistance. And all products are built with durability and economy in mind. Hela's theme is "modular concept", featuring flexible modular lighting systems for truck manufacturers.

As an indispensable part of trucks, the light distance, quality and life of various lights have a great impact on driving safety and cost. Hella, a lighting specialist, is taking part in the Hanover international business show for the first time with its latest customized products for trucks and trailers. Its booth is located at booth B23 in hall 12. At the exhibition, hela will display its latest profile lights. Participants can use virtual reality glasses to simulate the process of selecting and installing headlights, side lights and rear lights. At the same time, they can use the tablet to design their desired lighting combination through an online configuration program. All the lamps on display meet not only the American SAE standard, but also the European ECE R48 standard.

Adhering to the principle of one-stop shopping, hela also provides wire connection service for all its lighting products. Whether it is hella original lighting system EasyConn system (designed for 24 V trailer r&d by the adapter before and after the adapter, main power cord, test marker light link quad and additional adapter), or Superseal, DIN bayonet wire system, makes the expansion of the manufacturers can be simple and quick, renovation or modify the lighting system, eliminating the lamps and lanterns of be costly and slow change link, thus significantly reduce downtime and energy consumption. Another highlight of the exhibition is the latest LED combined taillight, which is also designed in accordance with the idea of modularization. The combined rear lamp consists of rear lamp, brake lamp and flash lamp. The working voltage is 12V and 24V. The combination of high performance LED and precision optical element guarantees the best light output.

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For daytime lighting, there are 90mm halogen and xenon, single function and multi-function modules to choose from. The halogen lamps on display can be flexibly converted into LED module lights. Hela will display its aerodynamic rectangular or circular auxiliary lights for auxiliary lights. The auxiliary lamps exhibited by hela have a light range of up to 528mm, providing the best lighting conditions and only weighing 950 grams, which is the best choice for the lamps on the top of the cab.

According to the ECE R48 standard just released in Europe, starting from September 2017, trailers must be equipped with side marker lights. Hela has presciently developed generic products to cope with the regulation. The latest side signs will also be on display at the show. It can integrate LED side marker light with reflector and auxiliary signal light into a lighting system. It also expands its modular lighting products for trailers.

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