Make the brakes turn flexibly at the same time [ABS anti-lock braking system]

May. 08, 2019

Make the brakes turn flexibly at the same time [ABS anti-lock braking system]

What do you know about ABS? ABS is short for antilock brake system. Truck cab parts exporter shares that a vehicle equipped with ABS system can maintain the maneuverability of the vehicle during the braking process on the skidding road surface. In emergency braking, the vehicle can still turn the steering wheel to avoid obstacles so as to avoid accidents. At the same time, ABS system can reduce excessive wear of tires when the wheels are locked, and reduce vehicle maintenance costs.

If there is no ABS system when the vehicle emergency braking, usually cause the tire to lock, at this time, rolling friction into sliding friction, braking force greatly reduced. And if the front wheels lock, the vehicle loses the ability to turn; If the rear wheels are locked first, the vehicle is prone to sideslip, making the driving direction becomes uncontrollable.

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ABS only works when the wheels are almost locked. If the ABS works while the brake pedal is pressed, the appropriate "ka, ka, ka... "Noise, and the brake pedal will also produce a pulse and repeatedly arch foot, but do not worry, this is the system in the automatic regulation of brake oil pressure is a normal phenomenon. The purpose is to prevent the wheels from sticking and dragging while braking, improve the direction stability, steering maneuverability, shorten and optimize the braking distance, and give full play to the braking efficiency. When ABS fails, the conventional braking system still works.

Vehicles equipped with ABS sometimes operate on uneven roads, gravel or snow, which may result in longer braking distance than vehicles without ABS. Therefore, when driving a car equipped with ABS, do not be too casual, avoid following the car too close, and avoid driving violently or forcibly parallel.

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