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May. 15, 2019

Exhaust gas turbocharging

Back in the day, Truck parts for sale China shares that turbocharging was invented more than 100 years ago. Originally, this type of supercharger was invented by Alfred Buchi, a Swiss engineer. On November 16, 1905, the German Patent Office granted a patent for "auxiliary supercharger technology for internal combustion engine", which marked the formal birth of turbocharger technology. The original turbocharger was used in diesel engines and was successfully tested on a single cylinder in 1911.

By the time of the first world war, French engineer Auguste Rateau began matching the device to the Renault gasoline engines of various French fighter jets to boost power, the first time a turbocharger was matched to a gasoline engine. In 1918, engineers at general electric, an American company, mounted a turbocharger on Liberty l-12 aero-engines and tested it at 14,000 feet on Colorado's pike peak (yes, the same pike peak where today's mountaineering race is taking place). Experiments show that the turbocharger can not only provide stronger power at sea level, but also greatly improve the air intake efficiency under the condition of thin air at high altitude.

In 1925, MAN and others applied exhaust gas turbocharging to Marine engines for the first time. Then the supercharging technology is widely used in Marine engines. The appearance of intercooler is the supercharging technology, which further improves the power and performance of diesel engine.

1951 Germany's first truck with a turbocharger and a diesel engine was born at man.

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