Twenty Practical Car Maintenance Tips

Jan. 20, 2020

Car maintenance is an important task that every rider must recognize. Whether the maintenance is sufficient or not is directly related to the life of the car. The engine gearbox assembly manufacturer summarizes the 20 tips for daily car maintenance. :

1. Take the time to read the driver's manual, be familiar with the manufacturer's recommendations, and fully adjust the engine according to the user's manual.

2. If the battery is used for more than four years, it may only work normally in warm weather.

3. In order to prevent getting lost or in a situation of helplessness, you should finally charge the mobile phone and bring a jumper or portable power pack, but do not use the mobile phone while driving.

4. Check the antifreeze liquid level weekly. If the liquid level is always lowered and no external leakage is found, then the engine should have an internal leak and must be repaired to prevent major engine failures.

5. Avoid unnecessary emergency braking and acceleration, so that you can drive for two more miles per refueling.

6. If you are using traditional lubricating oil, replacing with synthetic oil such as Ao Chaoneng can improve the operating efficiency of the car, more effectively keep the engine clean, and prevent harmful sludge accumulation and carbon deposition.

Truck Alternator

Truck Alternator

7. Allow the truck alternator to rotate for a few seconds before driving in cold weather to ensure that the engine lubricating oil flows properly and runs for lubrication.

8. Check the tire air pressure and inflate it to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer. Low tire air pressure will accelerate wear and increase fuel consumption. If the tire always runs flat, maybe the tire is punctured or the inflation valve is broken, you must repair it.

9. If the tire is worn out severely or irregularly, it may indicate a problem with wheel alignment or wear of the front end parts.

10. The brake fluid in the car will absorb moisture, which will corrode the brake system. The anti-lock system is particularly sensitive to corrosion. It is best to flush and replace the brake fluid every year.

11. Check the color of the coolant. The discoloration of the coolant indicates that the inhibitor is depleted and the engine and radiator are being eroded.

12. Overheating may be caused by a blocked or too tight hose. Check the hose every time you change the oil.

13. Check the windshield wiper for cracks or tears, and replace it every year.

14. Check the air filter system every two oil changes to prevent leakage or damage.

15. Check at the same time when changing the lubricating oil, because the damaged belt will cause the performance of the engine to decrease or malfunction.

16. New tires will wear for thousands of miles if the suspension is not properly calibrated.

17. Make sure that the lights are clean and working properly. Put a few spare bulbs and fuses in the dashboard glove box.

18. Check the working fluid once a month. If there is too little, check the hose for leaks.

19. Do not delay when the brake needs to be repaired. This is very dangerous and may cause greater losses than the entire brake system.

20. Always carry a truck engine repair kit for repairing tires.

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